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Access to the port and description of Omuta area
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The Port of Miike
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Access to the Port of Miike
A description of Omuta area

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An extremely convenient Kyushu-wide network
Access to the port and description of Omuta area >Access to the Port of Miike
An efficient, high-speed transport network

The Port of Miike is located in an area that allows prompt access to land transport using the expressways crossing Kyushu.

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Kyushu Expressway Nankan Interchange
Nankan Omuta North Line
Transportation access
Highway Trans-Kyushu IC Nankan highways around the Ariake Sea from the coast road through the 15Km (25 min.)

JR Omuta station about the Kagoshima Main Line and West Rail Tenzin omuta 3Km (about 5 minutes)
Through the coastal road around the planned station from the Ariake Sea in Kyushu Shinkansen Omuta 9Km (about 20 minutes)

Fukuoka Airport About 80 kilometers to Fukuoka Airport (About 70 minutes by the Kyushu Expressway)
Saga Airport

About 40 kilometers to Saga Airport (About 60 minutes by the Omuta Kawasoe Prefectural Highway)

Kumamoto Airport About 60 kilometers to Kumamoto Airport (About 70 minutes by the Kyushu Expressway)
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