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Recycling port

The Port of Miike as a crossroads for the recycling and recovery industries
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport designated the Port of Miike as a recycling port on April 23, 2003. The port has the function of handling the distribution for recycling and recovery, with storage facilities for industrial waste. In 2006, it handled 68,000 tons of industrial waste as freight volume.
In the future, it will be essential to work in tandem with Omuta's Ecotown enterprise, which is enhancing the Port of Miike's function as a recycling port.

Ecotown is conducting environmentally friendly urban development

Omuta has formulated the Omuta Ecotown Plan with the cooperation of Fukuoka Prefecture and related organizations. In July 1998, the national government approved the local Ecotown as the fifth Ecotown area in Japan. The Omuta Ecotown Plan promotes efforts to create and foster environmental and recycling industries to enhance the conversion from a disposable society to a resource recycling society, to promote the preservation of the regional environment, and to create new industries.

At present, four public facilities are in full-scale operation at Omuta Ecotown. These are the Omuta Recycling Power Plant, the Omuta-Arao RDF Center, the Omuta Municipal Recycling Plaza, and the Omuta Ecosanc Center. A broad range of companies are located in this environmental and recycling industrial park to utilize their distinctive technologies.

Omuta Recycling Power Plant
This power plant incinerates at high temperature the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) produced at seven nearby facilities that process the refuse of Omuta and 18 other municipalities, and convert the generated heat into electric power. The first trial of an RDF generation plant in Japan, it was built with the investments of J-Power, Fukuoka Prefecture, Omuta, and others.
Primary entity: Omuta Recycle Power Plant Co.
  Omuta - Arao RDF Center
The RDF Center pulverizes, dries, separates, and compresses the burnable refuse from households in Omuta and Arao and converts it into refuse-derived fuel to supply to the adjoining power plant.
Primary entity: Omuta-Arao Cleaning Facility Union
Omuta Municipal Recycle Plaza
The Recycle Plaza pulverizes and separates the bulk refuse and non-burnable refuse from households in Omuta and Arao, recovers metals and other resources, and recycles them. It also separates, packages, and stores empty cans, paper, and trays recovered as resources.
Primary entity: Omuta City
  Omuta Ecosanc Center
(Environmental Technology Research Center)

The Ecosanc Center is a facility for citizen interaction and education that operates with the objective of raising environmental awareness. It is integrated with the Environmental and Industrial Technology Research Center, which supports the development and planning of environmental and industrial technology. It also supports citizen and corporate activities related to the environment and industry.
Primary entity: Omuta City

The following is a brief description of Omuta Ecotown. In addition to the enterprises described here, it also has an enhanced system to provide support to those people considering activities in any sector of the environmental and recycling field, from research and development to trials and commercialization.
For more details, inquire at:
Industrial Promotion Department, Industry and Economy Division, Omuta City  TEL 0944-41-2752  FAX 0944-41-2751

http://www.city.omuta.lg.jp/     <The official Omuta City website>
http://www.ecosanc.or.jp/      <Environmental and Recycling information e-Omuta>

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