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Access to the port and description of Omuta area
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Access to the Port of Miike
A description of Omuta area

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Access to the port and description of Omuta area > A description of the Omuta area
Recommended locations in Omuta
Omuta Coal Industry and Science Museum Omuta Coal Industry and Science Museum
A museum for learning about the creation of coal and energy
This is a hands-on facility with a slight intellectual approach where visitors can learn about the creation of coal and the history of coal energy, and think about people, energy, and the global environment. Learn about coal and its peripheral issues through exhibits and hands-on activities. These include a tunnel that visitors can enter -to see for themselves how coal was excavated in the past and the conditions of a mine shaft-, videos that present the history of coal excavation, and photos that take a retrospective look at the history of Omuta.
Miyaura Coal Park Miyaura Coal Park
Smokestacks and other bygone relics as sung about in the Tanko-bushi
The park is located on the site of the former Miyaura Mine, which produced roughly 40 million tons of coal over an 81-year period that began in 1887. The park preserves the trains used to transport the miners, tunneling machines, and the smokestack that was the symbol of the Miike Mine, which appeared in the Tanko-bushi song.
The former Mitsui Minato Club The former Mitsui Minato Club
Time passes elegantly in this relic of the Meiji era
The Meiji-era Western-style architecture of the former Mitsui Minato Club is imbued with an elegant beauty. Opened at the same time as the Port of Miike, this historical building was frequently used as a social club for people associated with Mitsui, as a lodging and reception site for distinguished foreign visitors, and as a guest house for nobility and people in political and financial circles. Restored to its former glory, it is now used as a restaurant, tearoom, and wedding and banquet hall.
Daijayama Daijayama
This spirited summer festival has a tradition dating back more than 200 years
The Daijayama festival brings energy and excitement to Omuta every July. The dragon floats exhibited are the fruit of the imagination and artistry of each neighborhood. Made with traditional methods using only bamboo and Japanese paper, some of these floats are more than six meters high and 10 meters long. When paraded during the festival, they are given life by as many as 200 or 300 people. The flame and smoke of seven colors gushing from the wide-open mouths of these dragons as they dash through the city is an impressive and stirring sight. The dynamic float competition is the highlight of the Omuta summer.
Omuta Municipal Zoo Omuta Municipal Zoo
Rebuilt in 1992
Located in Enmei Park, which is known for its cherry blossoms in the spring, this zoo is a popular destination for Omuta residents and visitors alike. The zoo added some red pandas in January 1998. There is also a petting zoo with small animals. You can look forward to spending some relaxing and enjoyable hours here.
Miike Karuta History Museum Miike Karuta History Museum
The origins of the Japanese karuta game
Residents of Omuta created the Japanese karuta game based on the shape of the Western-style playing cards the Portuguese are said to have introduced to this country in the 16th century. The game spread throughout the country because the designs were beautiful and it was fun to play. When Kyoto was the capital, good karuta plays are said to have been called 'Miike'. This museum presents the history of karuta and exhibits playing cards from throughout the world.
Suwa Park Suwa Park
A residential park with broad spaces divided into three areas
The park incorporates three areas. The first is an area for cultural interaction with a large dragon fountain and observation deck, a square for events, and beautiful cherries and roses. The second is a recreation area with jungle gym-type equipment. The third is a relaxation area. The entire site is a leisure space for local residents, surrounded by abundant water and greenery.
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