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The Port of Miike is proud of its full range of equipment.
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The Port of Miike
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The Port of Miike has placed in service public berths.
Public berths

The Port of Miike was opened in 1908 for the loading and shipping of coal from the Miike Mine. It was privately owned by Mitsui Mining, but the prefectural government assumed control of operations in 1971.
In May 1998, the port received gratis 210 meters of space on the North Docks from Mitsui Mining and put them into service as public docks. It was designated a recycling port in April 2003, and will become a hub in a logistics network enabling the siting of regional recycling facilities.
The inauguration of a regularly scheduled international container route between the Port of Miike and the Port of Busan in April 2006 also fuels expectations for future growth.

Container yard 20,000u
Container storage area 440TEU
Reefer outlets 8 (2,220 volt outlets and 6,440 volt outlets)
CFS Warehouse 1,000u

Tire-mounted jib crane
Vertical loading (Containers / General freight)

Loading and unloading machinery Reach stacker / Large fork lift
Hazardous material handling capability / An exterior hazardous material storage area has been established in the container yard. There are limits on the amount of freight that can be handled, so inquire with Japan coke industry Miike business establishment Co., Ltd.(TEL : 0944-57-3131) regarding your conditions
Designation Length Water depth Moorage capacity
Inner Harbor North Pier
(Public berths)
210m 10.7m 20,000 D/W ton class / One ship
Berthing fee
(Per ton for each berthage)
Of ordinary ships;
ocean-going vessels

Of ordinary ships:
vessels other than ocean-going vessels

2.27yen 2.385yen
Volume of use of freight handling area
(1u per day)
Trial period
Maximum of 10 days

Trial period
11 days to one month

0.89yen 1.785yen
Power-source equipment for freezer containers
(Per hour per outlet)
Mobile jib crane (30-minute units) 9,940yen
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