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The Port of Miike is proud of its full range of equipment.
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The Port of Miike
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Port of Miike Port Facilities
Description of facilities > Moorage docks
@@Moorage docks
  Designation Length Water depth Moorage capacity
1 Inner Harbor North Pier
(Public berths)
‚Q‚P‚O‚ ‚P‚OD‚V‚ 20,000 ton class / One ship
2 Moorage docks
(Berths #1 to #3)
‚S‚Q‚P‚ ‚WD‚T‚ 10,000 ton class / Three ships
3 Moorage docks
(Berth #4)
‚P‚P‚S‚ ‚WD‚T‚ 10,000 ton class / One ship
4 Moorage docks gypsum pier ‚R‚P‚ ‚VD‚O‚ 1,500 ton class / One ship
5 Inner Harbor Moorage Docks
(Berth #5)
‚X‚P‚ ‚VD‚T‚ 10,000 ton class / One ship
6 Inner Harbor North Pier
(Berths #7 and #8)
‚R‚P‚O‚ ‚P‚OD‚V‚ 20,000 ton class / One ship
5,000 ton class / One ship
7 Oil tanker piers (Five) ‚Q‚R`‚S‚S‚ ‚TD‚T`‚VD‚T‚ 500-5,000 D/W ton class / One ship
@@Loading equipment and tugboats/pilot ships
  Designation Length Water depth Moorage capacity
Docks Fly ash ship loading machinery 1 300 tons per hour Fly ash ships
Bucket/Elevator type
Continuous unloader
1 900 tons per hour

For loading and unloading
loose freight

Tugs (Minato Maru, Suwa Maru) 2 132 tons with 1,100
HP each

To assist docking and
departing ships

Tugs (Miike Maru) 1 87 tons with 1,600 HP
Tugs (Asahi Maru) 1 2.5 tons with 178 HP Pilot ship
Crane (Daikongo Maru) 1 15 tons per load

For general freight
and construction

Barge / 1,130 tons loaded 1 130 tons loaded  
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